Mediterranean Food  

Cooking is a talent which I have performed for over 20 years. To this day I still uncover many of its secrets. Cooking requires enthusiasm, imagination and a good disposition. A salad, a plate of spaghetti, the most basic of foods can become a gastronomic creation as long as one desires it. Having been a chef at major hotels and restaurants for a long time, I considered the challenge to participate in this web site very interesting.

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The Tastes of the Mediterranean

We live in a big world and we are always trying to find what we prefer to eat.  When we do discover that food, it is difficult for us to have it continuously and thus we are spared variety.

Yet for all of us who live on the Mediterranean Sea and are familiar with the Mediterranean diet, we know that the food that nourishes us is the same that is rapidly gaining fame and now found in households around the world. Everyone adds a different element or spice to the dishes of their own cuisine but when we trace the origins of a dish we will see that it has a basis from the Mediterranean. We are glad we live in one of the largest melting pots in the world. We are all melted and joined together. The Mediterranean offers healthy goods such as olive oil, spices and honey which are all part of our heritage.

Our world is shrinking. Knowledge is readily available at one’s fingertips. Quick and easy steps can be made to take us on this healthy path.

Diet is the oil of life and sweetens our mood and dresses up each moment.

Published at  24/2/2010


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