Mediterranean Food  

I remember when I was a little boy my father would always try to persuade me to follow his natural eating habits so as to avoid having in his words  “to take any prescriptive medicine as an adult.” I can recall him being healthy and in a very good disposition then and now. My father’s diet consists of olive oil, honey, beans, vegetables, collard greens, fruits, whole wheat bread, fish, milk or Greek yogurt, mostly white meat like turkey, chicken or pork and less red meat and sugar rarely. The pasta my dad would eat was produced in a small factory in the next village over making small amounts since all the ingredients were grown directly on a farm. Once or twice a day he would enjoy a glass of red wine. My father was raised in a poor village on the basin of a mountain in Arcadia. He did not have the chance to go to school but was able to gather and examine many life experiences from the world around him. He followed the traditional diet that was handed down from generations and could see how well it made him feel. He continues even today to pursue the same diet and still looks for natural products that do not alter the goodness or value of his food.

As I have grown I could not see the immense value of my father’s eating habits. Having lived in big cities in Greece and abroad, I was too busy with work to pay much attention to what I ate. Since time was an issue, I would choose easy solutions such as take out or prepared foods that were nice to look at but did not provide any nutritional value. The pounds started to pile up along with the first signs of medical problems related to my weight and diet.

My view changed when I got married and had the responsibility of becoming a parent. I found myself paying attention to news stories about “mad cow” disease, chemicals found in our vegetables and meat and biologically altered foods. The more I became aware of what was going on around me, a sense of insecurity of the quality and value of my present day diet set in.

I realized that my father and his healthy example was what I should have been following. His “old traditional” methods have not at all lost their value but only have been reaffirmed. My family has adopted the Mediterranean diet. In order to offer my family the best traditional foods, I started to search them out all over Greece. Soon my hobby of finding quality products permitted me to meet producers that were very experienced and also shared my passion for the best quality natural foods.
This faith and passion I have in the value of one’s diet is what urged me to create this company. I strongly hope that this web site will be able to supply important information and updates about a healthy life style. Also it will provide exceptional natural products.

George Bitsikas