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  • Payment Methods

Confirmation & Shipment of an Order

Each order is confirmed via e-mail or fax.

Shipments in Greece

Products are delivered to the address given on the confirmed form. Products are received with proof of identification which can be in the form either of their Identification card or passport.


An order can be shipped either by our own means or by courier.

  1. If the shipment uses our own means (only within the territory of Athens), the shipment cost is 3 Euros per order. 
  2. If the shipment is delivered by courier, then the product has to be packed in a wooden box.
    1. The shipment cost across Greece is 8 Euros up to 2 kilos, plus 1 Euro for every extra kilo.  
    2. International shipment costs will be calculated per order.

The parcels will be delivered to the courier every Monday and the delivery time across Greece is 2-3 days.

 Payment Methods

Payments can be completed in two ways:

  1. Direct payment to the following bank account: IBAN: GR33 0172 059000 5059 026451 046
    Payment has to be verified prior to shipment of order
  2. Reimbursement (only for shipments made across Greece by Courier).
    With the reimbursement process there will be an extra charge of 4 Euros per shipment.

Invoices to legal entities are available. In such cases, the necessary details should be completed properly during the order process in the comments field.