Mediterranean Food  

Over and above of the existing list of our labeled products, our experts have chosen unique products or recipes which can be found in small quantities or they are seasonal, so it is very dificult to be standardized. These produts will be available upon request.
List of products: 

  1. Smoked Sea Salt 
  2. Smoked Mixed Pepper 
  3. Natural Soap
  4. Herbs
  5. Black Olives Spread
  6. Black & Green Olives
  7. Green Olives Spread
  8. Sundried Tomato Spread
  9. Red Pepper Spread
  10. Eggplant Spread
  11. Beetroot Spread
  12. Spinach Spread
  13. Caper Spread
  14. Carrot Spread
  15. Leek Spread
  16. Hummus
  17. Barbeque Sauce
  18. Chilli