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Cold Pressed Olive Oil – No water added

Olive oil is produced from the crushing of olives without the addition of chemical substances. The less olive oil is handled, the closer it is to its natural state, the better the oil. Extra virgin Olive oil using the cold pressed method without water addition is a superb quality product. This excellent Olive Oil is produced from the first pressing of olives and is considered to be the finest.

Our olives are hand picked when perfectly ripe. The olives are sent to the cold press mills within hours of the same day in order to preserve the oil’s fine flavor and nutritional characteristics. The cold pressed method is done at room temperature (less than 20o Celcius) and does not use the addition of water to extract the final product. Other olive oil producing methods add water at the separation stage which results in an increased quantity of olive oil. This significant difference in the process, leads to a limited quantity. Thus, the cold press method without any additives basically means, pure natural product, in which the fine taste of the olives have not been altered by water, heat or chemicals. Many describe this olive oil as a fresh natural oil juice, very rich in phenols and vitamins, distinguished for its nutritional value.

Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Cold pressed Olive oil. No water is added to the olive paste. It is produced in Arcadia region of Peloponnesus, Greece. The farms are located at an ideal position at the perfect elevation above sea level. The rich soil and climatic conditions create the right combination for the cultivation of olive trees. This product is certified for its quality by the integrated management systems AGRO 2-1 and AGRO 2-2. There are systematic quality controls at every stage of the production process. This system ensures environmental friendly farming.

This Olive oil, full of aroma and rich in special flavor comes from olives that are carefully grown and selected. This fresh olive “juice” with its distinct, fruit taste preserves all its exceptional nutrients. It is rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins and low in acidity. It also has highly concentrated amounts of phenols which is especially beneficial to the human body.
Fruity and fragrant, with a light peppery aftertaste, this olive oil is perfect for salads, enhancing the flavor of both fresh and cooked food.

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