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Balsamic Vinegar

Common phrases used to characterize vinegar are: it adds extra flavour to salads or roasts, it enriches our diet, it can be used as a cleaning agent in our homes, it can act as a medicine, and it is invaluable with its robust taste.  Vinegar is produced from the fermentation of mainly wine (white and red) and other alcoholic drinks. It can also contain fruit which offers vinegar a wider range of flavours and colours. Balsamic vinegar is distinct for its strong aroma and flavour since it ages in wooden barrels.

A series of clinical data have proven many health benefits of vinegar. Moderate use can lower the risk of heart problems, breast cancer and diabetes. Also vinegar can improve digestion, protect the skin, allow for better blood circulation and can act as an antiseptic or anti-inflammatory.

Our vinegar which is derived from the red grapes of the “Romeico” variety has a very high nutritional value. This balsamic vinegar ages in large, oak barrels for about ten years. It is a natural product that contains four times more antioxidants than fruits or vegetables. During the aging process, honey molasses is added to give a distinct aroma and a bitter sweetness.
Moderate consumption of balsamic vinegar might lower the risk of heart attacks, breast cancer and diabetes. It also can improve digestion.

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