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Thyme Honey

Honey is more than a sweetening agent. It is a unique product very high in nutritional value, flavor and taste. There are significant differences in the colors and flavors of honey resulting from the place of its origin or the kind of plants/trees the bees feed on. There are varieties of honey which have a deeper brown color and are more likely to crystallize and others that contain a light brown color and do not crystallize as much. There is no clear evidence which honey is best because there is such variety in the chemical composition of honey extracted even from the same type of trees (ie. Pine tree honey).

Honey specialists consider thyme honey to be of excellent or high quality. Thyme honey is categorized as a flower honey, but due to its specific flavor and taste many experts consider it in a special category of its own. Its main characteristics are its strong flavor, its amber color and that usually it crystallizes after 6 to 18 months.

According to current research from the Medical School of Athens, in Greece, which analyzed the chemical composition and the biological reactions of Greek thyme honey, researchers found it to be very rich in total phenolics, phenols and phenolic acids which are antioxidants. A thyme honey enriched diet may prevent the multiplication of breast, prostate and endometrial cancer cells. Apart from cancer, researches have demonstrated that thyme honey may also prevent heart related problems. 

Our product originates from the mountains of the Chania region in Crete, Greece. It is produced from thyme, herbs and wild flowers. This product is completely natural without any additives. It is gathered and produced under the highest quality controls.

Due to its high concentration of fructose, sometimes this honey leaves a pungent taste. This results from the honey’s antiseptic properties. Honey crystallizes in a time frame of 6 to 18 months. This change does not alter the nutritional or organic composition of honey if it occurs at a temperature less than 45o C.

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